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GROW UP – With limited space on your patio in the garden?  Why not use the vertical space.  Learn about how to grow vegetables and other plants on the vertical and also using pots to maximize the space you have.

PLANT MATH 101 - Want more plants? This seminar will familiarize you with how to add subtract and divide plants to maximize the health and number of plants you have for your garden.

PRUNE AWAY! – What and when to prune your trees, shrubs and other plants in your garden.  Are you afraid to prune and loose the blossoms? Is your shrub overgrown or misshapen? Learn how to make basic cuts, how cuts influence growth, the best tools to prune with, and when to stop cutting.

GET THE DIRT ON TOOLS - When it comes to gardening where do you start?  There are so many tools on the market.  What do you use for what and even how do you use some of them? There are knives, hooks, watering cans, rakes, riddles, brooms, wheelbarrows, shears and shovels.  From the time seeds are planted in the spring right through till fall there are tools that make the garden grow healthy all season.  And there are even tools to help take care of your tools.

CLEMATIS NOT AS HARD AS YOU THINK - Plants are often labeled as being difficult, but with some guidance and understanding we can grow just about anything in our gardens.  Clematis often fall into this grouping of plants.  But they are well worth the effort.

PERENNIALS FOR THE SHADE – Woodland and shade gardens create peaceful and dramatic areas in a landscape. Shade perennials allow the gardener to add creativity to the garden with form, texture, and color. We will concentrate on identification, size and habit, ornamental characteristics, advantages, and potential problems of familiar favourites as well as many of the newest and best cultivars.

PERENNIALS FOR THE SUN –You can create a perennial garden guaranteed to bloom in a rainbow of colours from early spring until late fall, whatever your site location.  We’ll cover everything you need to know about perennials, including roses.  Learn about plant selection, soil types, seeding, and propagation.

UNDERSTANDING GARDEN LINGO –Every hobby seems to have its own jargon, and gardening is no different. Gardening terms that can leave novices confused.  Understanding the basic terms will bring new meaning to your growing passion.

HOW GREEN IS YOUR LAWN? –Join us for a seminar and learn all about the best and most-effective lawn for your specific conditions. Learn about the different types of lawn for shade and sun. Find out if sod or seed is better for your application and discover the best practices to keep your lawns in good health with a minimum of energy and no chemicals. Get ready for a season of enjoying your beautiful green lawn.

TIME FOR A NAP, PUT YOUR GARDEN TO BED - What do I cut back?  Will this plant be able to survive the winter?  Learn how to get your garden ready for winter.  We will discuss what and when to prune and how to create a garden that won’t over winter pests.  A little work in the fall can make restarting the garden next spring much easier and help insure your plants survive the long cold winter.

SMART GARDENING – What does it take to be a Smart Gardener? Knowledge – and application of that knowledge – about irrigation, soil care, compost and mulching. Sound complicated? Learn to simplify it as you learn tips to save time, money and create a healthier garden.

GET YOUR LAWN OFF DRUGS - Learn about ways to create an oasis in your yard chemical free.  Understand the good, the bad and the ugly of insects, pest and diseases.  With some old ideas and new twists you can have a dream property chemical free with a lot less work then you think.