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Landscape Design

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Discuss Project Ideas

I'll visit your property for a design consultation and discuss project ideas


Unique Planting Ideas

I'll spend some time preparing the landscape design for your project


Project Installation

We have personal contacts within the industry to help complete the project

Wish I lived closer?  I offer online design services for those interested in having me do a design but do not want to have to pay the traveling fees.   You receive everything that any client would.  I just don’t visit your home.  Instead I require a few things from you to get started.


What do I need to provide you with a beautiful online landscape design?

  • – Pictures of your home and property! Lots of them from far away as well as up close.
  • – A site survey. (You know, it’s that thing that’s in your house papers somewhere.) If you do not have one, I will need some measurements. (I will let you know exactly what I need.)
  • – Information as to what you are looking for….foundation plantings, patio, walkway, arbor, retaining walls, grading, or anything else related to the landscape. – — Pictures of other gardens you like and would like to have in your own yard.
  • Through photographs and conversations with you, I will determine the extent and importance of any slopes on your property. Depending on the conditions, I may need some additional information from you.  A Deposit will be required as well.


What do my services include?
  • I will provide you with a professional drawing. The drawing shall be to scale from which a contractor or yourself may build your design.
  • Notes shall be included with the landscape design drawings regarding any information that I feel should be pointed out.
  • You will receive a complete plant list. This list shall contain the names and quantities. In addition, all plants will be labelled on the drawing.
How does it work?
  • Once you decide that you would like me to provide you with a spectacular online landscape design for your property, we can get started. When I have all the information and deposit, I will do the visual design.
  • Once the visual design is completed, I will send it to you via the mail or by email. We will then discuss it over the phone. I’ll be looking at the drawing on my computer while you will be looking at your copy of the drawing.
  • At this time, if you wish to make changes or adjustments, it will be my pleasure. After all, I really do want you to be happy with your landscape project. I will then complete the plan and provide you with the final drawing. You may then show the drawing to a contractor to get exact pricing.
  • If you or the contractor has ANY questions about the online landscape design, either you or they may contact me, and I will be available throughout the project for any questions.
What is the fee for an online landscape design drawing?

This is difficult to say without learning more about your project. In addition, there are different options I can offer.  Once I understand the scope of your design I will let you know.


If you just need some good advice and direction rather than an actual online landscape design, my professional online landscape design consultations may be for you. You receive professional advice about anything you like. Ask away! This is similar to my landscape design coaching just done with the pictures or video that you have supplied