Garden Coaching

Would you like some help with your gardens? Do you wonder what is growing in your yard? Are you just learning to garden or have you been gardening for years?  If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, a Garden Coach can help you while saving you time, money and frustration. Garden Coaches are also called Garden Consultants or Mentors and we are different than Landscape Contractors, Landscape Gardeners or similar sounding occupations.

                                     My primary goal is to “teach you to be a better gardener.”

How does it work? It’s easy, I come to your house and work with you in your gardens or yard to help:

  • Some people want gardens, so I visit and assess the whole lot, find out their tastes and practical requirements, then offer design suggestions, create borders, and suggest plants for the site, including tips about where to find plants, tools and mulch. I often come back as their garden progresses, any time they need help planning the next improvement in their garden.
  • Some people need to know what’s in their just-purchased yard, so I tell them what to keep, what to yank, and how to take care of it all. This usually involves teaching them how to prune their shrubs. Often requires no follow-up.
  • Many have overgrown shrubs and need to be shown how to get them under control and make them much more beautiful and healthy.
  • Experienced gardeners sometimes need a new pair of eyes on their garden, or permission to remove a plant they hate. (“But it’s been there forever.” Exactly.)

I can help you:

  • Identify plants, pests or weeds, 
  • Show you how to make your dream garden,
  • Give you confidence in your gardening skills
  • Teach you about how great gardening is and how it enhances your life!
  • Give even those seasoned gardeners a new opinion or help them learn new skills.

What should I be doing in the garden to get ready for my first meeting?
Try to avoid the urge to “clean up” your messy garden to get ready for your new coach. More often than not, you will end up wasting effort and doing more damage than good. Instead focus on gathering pictures and ideas of your dream garden. Gather up your tools to discuss and think about what it is you really want to learn in the garden.

What is the cost?

One hour Garden Coaching is $100.00 – this is where we get to know your garden and your gardening dreams.  At this point, you are ready to continue on your own with the notes you have made from my visit or I can develop a Landscape Plan for you.  We can also arrange some hands on lessons.